Comm-Chem Materials Pty Ltd is the Official Sole Sales Representative and Distributor for ICAR Motor and Lighting capacitors for Australia and New Zealand.

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  • New 2017 HEP Catalogue

    Over the past decade, HEP has specialised in the manufacture of innovative, environment-friendly, energy-saving, delicate electronic lighting control gears for industrial and commercial purposes. All HEP products are engineered in compliance with the highest safety and performance standards, with complete certifications from ENEC, UL, CSA and CCC. HEP production also meets with global regulatory safety […]

  • Polypropylene capacitors: comparison between the use of resin, oil or nitrogen as a filler

    The active part of the power factor correction capacitor is a cylindrical coil made by metallized polypropylene film, housed in a metallic case which mechanically isolates it from the external environment. The coil is placed into the metallic case and, before it is hermetically closed, the empty space is filled with a material whose main […]

  • Impact of low power quality

    Power Quality is gaining increasing attention in the electric power industry. The consumer of electrical energy requires electric power with a certain quality, but loads can have a negative impact on the electrical system and are thus also subject to an assessment in terms of quality. Power quality is therefore intrinsically linked to the interaction […]