Constant Current

COMBRITE Constant Current Dimmable LED Drivers Features

We are offering new compact and powerful supply units which cover an extensive range of sizes required by the lighting industry. Our Dimmable LED driver range offer an optional solution for modern, energy efficient luminaries. The advantage as low maintenance cost, long lifetime and environmental friendliness are very clear.

  •         Various wattages and mA Sizes
  •         Triac Dimming range 10%-100%
  •         Dali Dimmable / 1-10V Dimmable options available
  •         Short circuit & Open circuit proof
  •         Auto overheat regulation or cut off overload protection
  •         Australian Approval
  •         EMC Compliant

TRIAC Dimming Control – Making Dimming Easier

Using appropriate lighting level only when and where the job sites need it, energy management will become a major source of savings for your facility. Controllable LED drivers allow businesses to make the next step forward in energy savings. TRIAC dimming control represents an easy & cost effective solution to anywhere adjustment of light level is required but control leads are not already installed. Simply with HEP TRIAC dimming devices, it is so easy to bring LED dimming anywhere Without the need for additional control leads and enjoy ultra flexibility & control over every environment.


Click on a model number to view the datasheet
LMTC10W250-Z220-240V250mA5.8-8.8W26-40Triac85 x 40.4 x 22
LMTC10W350-Z220-240V350mA5.95-10.15W17-29Triac85 x 40.4 x 22
LMTC10W700-Z220-240V700mA5.95-10.15W8.5-14.5Triac85 x 40.4 x 22
LSTC10W250P220-240V250mA10W max33-43Triac63.3 x 40 x 23
LSTC10W350P220-240V350mA10W max13-27Triac63.3 x 40 x 23
LSTC10W700P220-240V700mA10W max8-15Triac63.3 x 40 x 23
LMTC15W350-Z220-240V350mA15W max26-43Triac85 x 40.4 x 22
LMTC15W700-Z220-240V700mA15W max13-21Triac85 x 40.4 x 22
LLTC20W350LR-Z220-240V350mA20W max31-56Triac167 x 38.4 x 29.8
LLTC20W700LR-Z220-240V700mA20W max18-26Triac167 x 38.4 x 29.8
LBTC30W700LR-Z220-240V700mA30W max30-42Triac137.4 x 107.7 x 30
LBTC30W900LR-Z220-240V900mA30W max21-30Triac137.4 x 107.7 x 30
LTTC40W900LR220-240V900mA40W max28-40Triac103 x 67 x 30.5
LTTC40W1000LR220-240V1000mA40W max28-40Triac103 x 67 x 30.5
LTTC40W1000LR-Z220-240V1000mA40W max28-40Triac153 x 67 x 30.5
LBC20W350-1CZ120-277V350mA20W max36-55.71-10V116.4 x 44 x 30
LBC20W600-1CZ120-277V600mA20W max21-301-10V116.4 X 44 X 30
LTDC501100 UNI120-277V1100mA25-50W22.7-45DALI108.9 x 75.4 x 32
LTDC501100Z UNI120-277V1100mA25-50W22.7-45DALI128.9 x 75.4 x 32