Electronic Ballast for Metal Halide HID Lamps

COMBRITE HID Ballast Product Features

The COMBRITE range of electronic ballast for ceramic metal halide and HQI discharge lamps
are engineered with the latest technical standard particularly with regard to safety and reliable
performance. These electronic HID ballasts offer the benefit of excelling the conventional
electromagnetic circuits with a considerable extension of the lamp service life and increased
energy efficiency for energy-oriented lighting solutions.

• 20% Energy savings compared to magnetic ballast
• Controlling & monitoring of lamp power for optimal lumen maintenance
• Low-frequency regulated device enhancing lamp efficiency
• Flicker-free operation of lamp stability through constant power
• Colour stability through constant power
• Option of built-in or independent type
• Option of dimmable HPS ballasts via 10V or IPM software.
• EMC compliant
• Energy efficiency classified EEI=A2 COMBRITE HID Ballast Product Features

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SH20M220-240V 50-60Hz<3KV20W95x41x30.5
SH20MZ220-240V 50-60Hz<3KV20W167x39x30.5
SH35GB220-240V 50-60Hz<5KV35W108.9 x 75.4 x 32
SH35GBZ220-240V 50-60Hz<5KV35W128.9 x 75.4 x 32
SH70220-240V 50-60Hz<5KV70W123 x 78 X 30.5
SH70GBZ220-240V 50-60Hz<5KV70W128.9 x 75.4 x 32
SH150I220-240V 50-60Hz<5KV150W175 x 86 x 35
SH150IZ 220-240V 50-60Hz<5KV150W191 x 87 x 36