Power Factor Correction


ICAR offers both stand alone components and racks for assembling custom
LV power factor correction solutions:

  • CRM25 single phase capacitors and CRTE three phase capacitors
  • LV reactors
  • cos phi electronic controllers and harmonic control multimetres
  • thyristor electronic devices (SCR) for realising real time power factor correction systems
  • fast discharge devices
  • EUROrack racks with CRTE three phase capacitors: specially designed for completing power or distribution cabinets with on board power factor correction, or as a fast and inexpensive option for creating in-cabinet power factor correction systems. Designed for 600mm width cabinets. Telescopic slide adaptors available for 800mm width cabinets.

ICAR PFC Controller - 7LSA copy


Part Number Description Output Relays Dimensions L x W x D
A25060046413052 RPC 5LSA (5 Step) 5 96 x 96 x 71 (mm)
A25060046413070 RPC 7LSA (7 Step) 7 96 x 96 x 71 (mm)
A25060046416080 RPC 8BSA (8 Step) 8 144 x 144 x 70 (mm)
A25060046416120 RPC 12BSA (12 Step) 12 144 x 144 x 70 (mm)